Monday, 11 July 2011

why violent delights must have violent ends..

There is evil in the world. There must always be, ..i think, for every act of kindness there is in turn one act of evil, to balance the world out. Heaven and Hell, love and hate, smiles and frowns..sometimes we can defeat this evil, or to forget it is there for some amount of time, with some help. I like to think of this help in the form of things, like gifts from angels, things that were ours all along, but we never realised it, we just needed a smidge more light to enter into our eyes to make us see them.

These gifts could be simple things, like a smile on a bad day, a ray of sunshine on your window,
something that makes your heart glow ever so slightly. Or they could come in an easier form to recognise, like a friend, or a lover. Someone that really makes you realise how lucky you are to have them.

I am so thankful for these gifts, because without them, i would be like the countless others that gave up on life, decided there was a majority of evil in the world, the ones whose eyes were clouded by it, and the light couldn't enter their eyes, their hearts.

Those who see how beautiful and magical the world can be, and realise what they have, ..well the world needs more of these people :)

with much love given,..

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