Sunday, 29 May 2011

The sweet breeze ;)

Wow. And I mean wow. Arrived in wiltshire by 3 hour long train and am now.. Am updating on a iPad! Such lovely people, and due to such i have now changed my own opinions on the iPad. I used to think it was just a larger view of the iPhone, now I know it is much more amazing than that. They are so amaaaazing! :D will update later- much love from Jenneeeeeeeeeeeey. xxxxx

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

To hell with it.

Well, it's done, English is over. I think I may have failed all my exams since the first exam week started. I went in thinking it was all cool bananas, did the first question well, and then went downhill from there. And to make it worse, I think about 90% of us in the exam hall payed attention to Mr.Coupe when he said what to put in the boxes at the side, but he was wrong, let's hope the exam board don't count scribbles that have been crossed out on the front of the paper. If they do, don't tell me, let me live in peace lol.

I wish everyone else luck that they did their exam well today, let's hope karma comes back and gives me an A :), much love to all xxxxxxxx

Monday, 23 May 2011

la la la...

God, haven't been on here in ages. Was reminded that this actually existed and came on as fast as i could-thankyou Miss Kelly. :)

My thoughts are:

-What a blustery day this is!
-The smell of the salt in the wind (bluster)
-How to tell a friend that their crush is NOT into them, and freaking about it.
-KFC..can i quickly pop down....mmm popcorn chicken.
-The laptop heating my legs
-Red cushions
-Tesco's original Cola.
-My new shoes
-Hospitals-and those worries
-Trying to convince god to tell me where my charger plug is before i breakdown.
-Russel Howard-good man, good news.
-Shirtless hairy men-cant actually get the image out of my head, pity me.
-Wet uggs and the smell of washing machine gel
-Worries that my uggs will not be dry by sunday morning.
-Thinking of things to do on a 6 hour train journey
-How can people smoke when they know it is killing them
-Wanting to know who is taking advantage of me
-What can i buy for fathers day?
-Things i cant mention

Life is hectic.