Thursday, 21 April 2011

sunshine and chocolate

Making a cake, a really big chocolate one, for stepdad's birthday. Its going well, sunshine is helping, it softened the butter for the icing:), having to check on it during tanning breaks. At this rate, i will be brown sooooon. I need to be brown, it's sad to have white legs in brighton :| wish me luck! xxx

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I neeed to get a fish- i cant have a rabbit cause the dog might eat it :/ pooor bunny.

Either him,

Or him:) xx


Happy Birthday to Lillie Jane (lilliepiglet), bless :) <3

Sunday, 17 April 2011

religion and nonsense.

Went to the christening today, everyone was dressed up, i think only two people outdressed me, according to my dad, and it went on for a while. It was all about pictures, and image. We also had to agree simultaneously that these children were now being put under god's protection, his light? So that we were cleansing the earth of the devil, which included drugs, wild sex, child pornography, drinking, prostitution, etcc.Over and over this was drummed into our heads as they were annointed with oil, water and then they had to recognise and blow out a candle. Afters it was off to the pub (even though we had pledged to 'save these children from the devils of drinking', so they only got half pint. JK.) We had pints and nibbles, then i left with C & B cause my heels were hurting and it was mainly children left running around their 'cave'-which actually was a bush that i could see was full of ballons that had been 'mysteriously' moved from the nibbles room. Then people went back to Sarah's for more drinks and conversation. Now am retired watching a bit of transformers 2 with Dad, Denise, James and Billy. But missing the cat, and borrowed dog.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

happy days.

Very tired, 3 Hour car journeys can do that to you. I wish to simply sleep after today. I woke up quite late, managed to steal my dad's breakfast while he made another, and felt utter confusion. It's so hard to be the adult in situtions where you really shouldn't have to be. Anyways, i managed to see the lovely Miss Kelly today, it was lovely indeed:). She really is half girl-half turnip, but i love her to pieces! I also have new shoes for the christening tomorrow, i may not be able to walk, :|, but i have already explained to my dad that if i fall over in them in some comical moment, that he should tell everyone i am drunk instead of thinking im utterly insane. The outift looks lovely and i am all prepared for tomorrow now, so i will have to make do. I watched BGT tonight, as im sure at leats half of britain did. I have no idea why though, it seems like you only watch it to humiliate  other people, but im sure they do it to themselves, i mean, how can they think that people will actually enjoy that?! Surely not, it is obviously a show for the mad, or the criminally desperate. I do enjoy my rambles with my turnip friend, i love her muchly, and i thank her for this. I think i shall end on that note aswell, or i shall fall asleep where i am, and i havn't even finished my book yet. SAD. Night, bloggers. XXX