Monday, 23 May 2011

la la la...

God, haven't been on here in ages. Was reminded that this actually existed and came on as fast as i could-thankyou Miss Kelly. :)

My thoughts are:

-What a blustery day this is!
-The smell of the salt in the wind (bluster)
-How to tell a friend that their crush is NOT into them, and freaking about it.
-KFC..can i quickly pop down....mmm popcorn chicken.
-The laptop heating my legs
-Red cushions
-Tesco's original Cola.
-My new shoes
-Hospitals-and those worries
-Trying to convince god to tell me where my charger plug is before i breakdown.
-Russel Howard-good man, good news.
-Shirtless hairy men-cant actually get the image out of my head, pity me.
-Wet uggs and the smell of washing machine gel
-Worries that my uggs will not be dry by sunday morning.
-Thinking of things to do on a 6 hour train journey
-How can people smoke when they know it is killing them
-Wanting to know who is taking advantage of me
-What can i buy for fathers day?
-Things i cant mention

Life is hectic.

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