Sunday, 26 June 2011

such a beautiful day

It was strange, waking up sweating in the covers :), after it raining for what seems like forever, a sunny sky has developed, and i have to walk outside every chance i get to assure myself its the truth.

It seems like one of those perfect days to grab a pair of ... Yes! SHORTS!, with a long shirt, sunglasses, a glass with ice and a book so brilliant that you could read for hours, which is exactly what i have been doing since i looked out the window for the first time this morning, i hope everybody is doing something of that sort today.

On other words, i have my last exam tomorrow! German reading :) After every exam i have take i try not to think about the whole pass/fail scenario. If i think about what it would be like if i really did fail almost all of my exams, .. well im not going there, i will just freak myself out and will never have the strength to pick up the results on that important day. Actually i might just send mother in for them, easier way ;) I will pray beforehand, maybe even in a church and expect everyone i interact with that day to give me patience and tolerance as i might kill them otherwise.

Sorrry, must get back to the sun ;)  xxx

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